An Innovative Company Cubify Aims to Introduce Helium Technology to the Masses

An Innovative Company Cubify Aims to Introduce Helium Technology to the Masses

Cubify is an innovative company working very industriously to make sure the latest helium technology reaches the masses throughout the world. Before we talk about Cubify’s role in promoting Helium Technology, it’s important to first understand what Helium Technology is all about.

Helium Technology

Helium is the world’s most popular and fastest-growing LoRaWAN network. A LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) allows long-range, power-efficient transmissions. LoRaWAN devices are also capable of geolocation. All types of sensor and tracking use cases will benefit from the combination of geolocation and long-range transmission.

The number of developers and companies connecting to the Helium Network is growing by the minute. Existing devices, gateways, and sensors can be configured to run LongFi, which is a powerful combination of blockchain and LoRaWAN technologies.

Blockchain Cutting-edge Technology

Blockchain is a cutting-edge technology that is changing the world. It is a decentralized ledger technology that allows information to be recorded and distributed across the network of computer systems.

Blockchain technology enables machine-to-machine transactions when combined with the Internet of Things (IoT). With this combination, smart devices can operate automatically without the presence of a central authority, providing a range of advantages.

Using this powerful combination, Helium Network offers the most sought-after product – cheap hotspot connectivity. The Helium network consists of long-range, wireless hotspots.

Helium, which was launched in July 2019, aims to become “the People’s Network” by building an IoT network on blockchain. This is achieved with the help of LongFi architecture that allows the integration of the Helium blockchain and the loRaWAN wireless protocol.

Cubify – The Official Distributor of Helium Hotspot

One of the reasons why Cubify is promoting Helium technology is that they want to empower people by helping them earn passive income. Hosts can earn a handsome amount of passive income by transferring IoT device data through helium blockchain and HNT (Helium Network Token).

The company has sold over 3000 units of the Milesight UG65 Helium Hotspot thus far, proving that they are successfully spreading the word about helium.

Cubify’s next target is the United States and Africa’s markets. The expense of transferring data is one of the most significant problems in the field of connectivity. Helium Network is a provider of IoT technology that has created IoT Gateway helium mining devices that mine HNT (Helium Network Token) and can return investment in under 60 days. 

Helium Hotspot and Cubify Low Cost Network

With Helium network token and Helium Hotspot, Cubify offers a low-cost network for IoT devices. Helium Network’s decentralized IoT networking protocol, LongFi, should be what will encourage people to become nodes.

The company is currently working on an outreach program aimed at helping African towns and villages grow significantly by allowing people to host hotspots. They are committed to giving 80-percent of the proceeds back to the community. The entire project will be funded through community donations.

The concept aims to be a way to bring LPWANs to the mass market, not just to provide hosts with earning opportunities, but also to make data transfer much more affordable for all to benefit.

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