Copy Trading, How Does it Work

Copy Trading, How Does it Work

Copy trading is a trading method that allows traders to copy the strategies and positions of experienced traders. It offers the opportunity to learn from more experienced traders without having to manually analyze every trade.

With copy trading, trades are automatically mirrored in real-time when another trader chooses to enter or exit a position. It enables beginner traders to benefit from the experience of more successful, experienced traders.

Copy Trading Process

Copy trading typically works by connecting a beginner trader’s account to the account of an experienced trader who has agreed to provide their trades for copying purposes. The beginner can select which trades they want to copy and how much money per trade they want to commit. All other parameters, such as the entry and exit points of trades and the size of each position, are determined by the experienced trader.

The beginner trader can monitor their account as the trades are being made and follow the progress of their chosen strategy. Copy trade method also enables traders to diversify their portfolios quickly and easily. This reduces risk in case one particular strategy does not work out as planned. Moreover, copy trading eliminates the need for a beginner trader to thoroughly understand technical analysis or fundamentals before entering the market.


In conclusion, copy trading is an easy and convenient way for beginners to gain experience in financial trading markets without going through the steep learning curve usually associated with manual trading. It allows beginners to benefit from the expertise of more experienced traders and diversify their portfolios quickly.

You make your trades based on a proven strategy that has worked for more experienced traders. This reduces the risk of making bad trades and allows you to make consistent returns over the long term.

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