How can an NFT Drop Event of a P2E Cricket Game Become So Viral Over the Internet?

How can an NFT Drop Event of a P2E Cricket Game Become So Viral Over the Internet?

f you are present on any of the social media platforms, you might have heard about the upcoming NFT drop event that is set to take place on April 22, 2022. The drop event is for the world’s first NFT cricket game called Meta Cricket League, developed by GuradianLink, a firm specializing in developing NFT applications.

The NFT drop event would be hosted in, an NFT marketplace platform developed by the same developers, and this would be their first major sale event. The NFT drop is named as “Super Loot,” and it has been guessed that this event is only a small step toward a better gaming experience.

The only press release statement for the NFT drop event has already occupied many social media and internet trending charts. In this blog, we will see how such virality for an NFT event became possible and why one should keep their eyes on the Super Loot NFT drop event.

An Overview of the Virality the Event has on the Internet

The Super Loot NFT drop event has been something that many people have been waiting for, and it gets affirmed by the amount of social media posts that came out in support of the drop event. One of the primary reasons for the NFT drop event’s virality is the press announcement that came out with all guns blazing.

There were statements in the press release that ignited the minds of people and changed their perspective on blockchains and gaming products based on the technology. Also, the fact of being the gateway to the world’s first NFT cricket game is something that would not escape off the radars of social media platforms.

Additionally, the plan of the developers to make the game into a thriving metaverse gaming ecosystem took all social media platforms by surprise, as a full-fledged sporting metaverse has not been attempted by even the gaming giants that plan to step into NFTs soon.

Also, the fact that cricket fans, gaming enthusiasts, and NFT collectors could get benefited really added on some more hype among the already amazed social media community.

There have been memes, video clips, and informative posts that convey about the NFT drop in detail, while the hashtag #jumptradeNFTs and #cricketNFTdrop has been popularized by excited social media buffs. The engagement levels around such posts have been amusing, which is visible by the amount of likes and comments flowing below them.

Also, word of mouth around the Super Loot NFT drop event has been encouraging, according to some unidentified sources. Along with all these, the website really blasts up the internet as a lot of people have expressed some degree of interest in some form after having a look at the official website of the NFT marketplace platform.

The website looked appealing to us, with an awesome user interface, and provided a great experience overall.

How Does the Website Perform in Providing Any Extra Information?

As far as additional information apart from the first press release is concerned, the website of the NFT marketplace has been a diamond mine. One can decode a lot of information, enough to predict how the game would head towards its ultimate goal of becoming a cricketing metaverse ecosystem.

A promising road map is present, which separately states the benefits for every facet of the game that includes cricket gaming, NFTs, and growth pathways. Also, the website provides some insight on what the possible NFT collectibles from the Super Loot NFT drop could be.

One can see digital team player cards and digital bats with differing levels of rarity and signed cricket bats from legendary cricketers.

Such information has been the catalyst for some amount of social media virality around the Super Loot NFT drop event. One could only say that the game could stand out from the rest if solely judged by the looks of the marketplace website.

The Official Social Media Banter So Far

As far as the official social media handles are considered, the marketplace platform has its own handles on all the major social media platforms, along with a Discord server. Their social media game has been vital in providing necessary information about NFTs and blockchain technology in general.

Since the developers now target the cricket-nerdy regions, particularly South Asia, the importance of educating the general public becomes a priority since most of them are not aware of such emerging technologies. The engagement levels around the posts from the official handles are good enough, with a lot of likes and comments visible.

But, Is All the Social Media Craze Worth It?

The answer is a “Yes,” even in plain sight, and a firmer “Yes,” when viewed with appropriate knowledge. Irrespective of the knowledge levels on NFTs, a social media user could view the Super Loot drop event as a carnival to kick off a massive stride towards building a metaverse for cricket.

Adding to that, the concept of play-to-earn (P2E) gaming has attracted a lot of people into gaming, as investments can always to redeemed back, even if someone does not want to play a game anymore. The sporting nature of the Meta Cricket League NFT game has also created a growing community of gamers who are waiting for the game to be released, and many of them expressed their interest in the drop event too.

Additionally, the NFT drop has been a hotspot for new-age NFT adopters, particularly from Asia, as using cricket as a usable NFT concept has incited high hope in many minds.

Summing Up

Therefore, one can safely say that the upcoming Super Loot NFT drop event has already amassed much traction on social media platforms, which is only increasing as the drop’s timer nears to zero. Also, with the wide array of target audiences, this drop can serve as something useful to the global communities in cricket, NFTs, and gaming. As a final statement, the virality around the upcoming NFT drop could just be the beginning of bigger schemes in the NFT world.

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