Is it a Safe to Go with Binance?

Binance is a safe option as long as your country doesn’t impose any restriction on it. Binance is the best choice for non-US users. Although Binance started a lot later than Coinbase, the popularity it has gained over time is remarkable. It offers over a hundred different trading pairs between different crypto coins.

The exchange also offers crypto-fiat pairs as well. Binance was founded in 2017 with a big focus on altcoin trading. it’s a complete package for those who are after a safe and secure crypto exchange with advanced features. Binance caters to everyone, be it a novice or an experienced crypto trader.

What Sets it Apart?

  • Wide selection of digital currencies and trading pairs
  • Advanced charting
  • Lower fees than other commonly-used crypto exchanges


  • Ideal for serious and advanced level users
  • Limited trading pairs for US traders and users
  • Not all states supported

How to Get Started with Binance?

Opening an account at any crypto exchange is the first step to enter to the crypto world. Choosing the best crypto exchange platform matching your needs may be a little tough, as the number of new crypto exchanges is growing day by day. This is creating huge competition among crypto exchange platforms.

Setting up Binance Account

Setting up a Binance account is quite similar to opening an account at any online platform. Before you start the account creation process, it’s important to see if you fulfill the following requirements:

  • Only individuals of 18 years or old are allowed to use the exchange
  • Government-issued ID
  • A smartphone or computer connected to the internet
  • A SIM number connected to your mobile device (they will send SMS for verification)
  • The upgraded version of Binance app or the latest browser version
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