What is Baby Trump Coin?

What is Baby Trump Coin?

Baby Trump crypto coin is the meme crypto influenced by the previous president of the United States named Donald Trump. It is made on the Ethereum blockchain. Baby Trump coin is (ERC) Ethereum Request for Comment-20 crypto. This baby coin is available on all decentralized platforms. It also provides quadrillion coins.

Here is an other meme coin called Trump Won Coin, you can get more details here https://twoncoin.io/

Baby Trump Coin Introduction

The Baby trump coin was introduced on 3 August 2021. When we made any transaction using these Baby Trump coins it is 1 % goes to the crypto wallet of its inventor.

An increment of 877% has occurred in this Ethereum-based coin during the last 24 hours. Its current marketing rate is 0.000000000002629 USD. But still, this crypto coin is verified by a Certik.

This Ethereum-based coin trade-in pairs with other cryptos like Ether Tokens and WETH. It gains the attention of many investors due to its 1.4 million USD per day volume. Till more than 2654 are made between Baby Trump and other cryptocurrencies. A reward of 8% percent is given to the investors on auto-shaking on transactions made using Baby Trump coins.

How Can You Buy Baby Trump Coins?   

Below is the easy step-by-step guide to buying Baby Trump Coin:

  • Firstly, go to GOOGLE or Chrome. Download the Metamask wallet from their web page.
  • Then, sign up to the wallet and create your account.
  • Now transfer Ether to Metamask through the Crypto Exchange app.
  • After that link your Metamask wallet to the Uniswap protocol.
  • Now, exchange your Ether coins with Baby Trump Coins.


It is not required to share your personal information (name, phone number, email address, etc.) to create a Metamask wallet.


Here is the summary of another meme crypto named Baby trump coin influenced by the ex-US president. It was launched in August 2021 for the first time. Its current purchasing rate is 0.000000000003 USD.

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